Why a Salt Block is the Must-Have Kitchen Accessory of the Year

salt block kitchen accessory

Looking to add a new twist to your daily cooking adventures? If yes, then a salt block is what you need. Salt blocks are one of nature’s best gifts. The salt from the Punjab region is loved for its attractive pink texture and presence of 84 minerals that have numerous health benefits.

salt block kitchen accessory

Although it is mostly used as an air purifier, many people use it as a cooking slab, which adds the essence of its minerals to the food. If you are curious, this blog is the cure for your curiosity. So sit back, and enjoy, as we give you an elaborate brainer about pink salt bricks as a great cooking tool and a must-have in your kitchen. 

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The Science Behind Salt Blocks 

People think that there’s just one form of a salt block, which is far from the truth. Yes, Himalayan salt blocks are the most popular. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are various Himalayan salt blocks, depending on your cooking style and taste. 

Aside from Himalayan salt blocks, there are sea salt blocks, smoked salt blocks, combination blocks, and flavoured salt blocks. Each salt tile adds a unique taste to your liking. For example, smoked salt bricks add that grilling essence to your cooking. 

Other than flavour, the salt blocks add a healthy touch by adding trace minerals like calcium and magnesium. Calcium strengthens the bone, whereas magnesium helps sleep. We now know what makes salt blocks so beneficial, so let’s dive in further and look at the preparation of salt blocks for cooking. 

How To Prepare Salt Blocks For Cooking 

People ask me how to use Himalayan salt for cooking; the process is rather simple; you just need to care for a few things. Firstly, clean the salt block, and remove any dust particles or stains. After this, dry the block with a dry towel; this keeps the surface smooth and removes water. In the next part, slightly heat the salt block; this prevents it from cracking. Once it gets some heat, bring it to medium heat, and keep the temperature for 30 minutes. 

Now comes the cooking part. When the salt reaches the desired temperature, this is where the Himalayan pink salt uses come into play.  Place your food on the block, and cook how you like. Once your finish cooking, leave the salt block to cool and remove any leftover food particles. 

However, while cleaning the block, don’t use water. Water dissolves the salt, which causes it to lose its shape. As a precaution, wrap the salt block in a cloth, and store it in a cool, dry place. 

Why Salt Blocks Are Best For Cooking

The Himalayan pink salt price is way less compared with the benefits it offers for cooking. Cooking with a Himalayan salt block is a Different experience altogether. Below are the benefits of Himalayan salt blocks. 

1. Adds flavour and texture 

Himalayan salt block adds a different texture and flavour to food. The trace minerals in the salt, along with its unique texture, add to your food. Moreover, a smooth surface is best for cooking meats and gives them a smooth texture, which is not the case with frying pans and other cooking surfaces.

2. It’s healthy 

As I said earlier, Himalayan salt is way healthier compared with normal rock salt, or processed salt. The minerals in Himalayan salt help cure respiratory illnesses, promote sleep, and lower depression, making Himalayan salt a good addition to your cooking routine.  

3. They are versatile 

If you think a salt block only cooks, then you are wrong. Yes, salt blocks are good for cooking various foods, whether its meat, fish, vegetables or fruits. But salt blocks are also a great method for serving dishes. The salt block surfaces are ideal for serving sushi and other seafood items. 

4. They have aesthetic appeal. 

The truth about Himalayan pink salt is also its aesthetic appeal. The pinkish colour, along with their look, serves as a great way to serve dishes, which is impossible with other products, like frying pans or saucers. Hence, if you are a restaurant owner, you can serve your dishes using Himalayan salt blocks. 

5. They are robust and resilient. 

Himalayan pink salt benefits its user as a long-lasting product. The salt block is made from natural elements, which survive nature’s wear and tear. So, you can use a salt block longer, making it cheaper than other alternatives. 

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The Takeaways 

Himalayan pink salt side effects are zero compared with the benefits it offers. People love the salt for its pink texture and superior cooking qualities. Himalayan pink salt for weight loss is a good option because the minerals help maintain the blood flow and allow nutrients to travel through your body. Overall, Himalayan salt is nature’s harmless blessing, which improves mood and provides numerous other health benefits. 

When using Himalayan salt for cooking, make sure you clean the salt block well, and heat it to the accurate temperature. After this, put your food on the block, and cook. Once done, let the block cool down and clean with a dry cloth; store at a dry place, and you are done. 

Moreover, Himalayan salt blocks are a great option for cooking because of their versatility and numerous health benefits. In a crux, do use Himalayan salt for your cooking; it is a great product which is harmless and inexpensive in the long-run.  

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