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We are biggest manufacturer and wholesale distributor in Canada and U.S, we have the largest stock of RFS Tradings Pink Salt which is directly imported from our Pakistan factory and made available locally here from our U.S and Canada warehouses. RFS Tradings salt is getting hyped for many health   benefits from its precious micro particles which they emit.
We provide a shipping process which is safe, fast and reliable. Our best customer support gives 100% satisfaction. Our variety of RFS Tradings salt blocks are crafted with utmost care and we make every possible effort to cater our customers at best, including quality control measures throughout our international supply chain.

Himalayan Salt Bricks

Quality is our Main Product

We invest wholeheartedly in bringing in and selling RFS Tradings Salt Products. From giving exceptionally Durable, polished RFS Tradings Salt Bricks and Salt Tiles of Sharp Edges with an extremely appealing Pink Color to mineral enriched edible pink salt and RFS Tradings Salt Bricks with magnificent warmth dispersion property, we endeavor to keep you predominantly sound.

Quality is our Main Product

We strive to fulfill customer’s need with quick responses and deliveries. We provide and ensure FAST and SAFE shipments across all US and Canada. Our legendary customer support ensures and makes it easy.


Happy with product and the customer service that Kevin gave. Thank you again

Good Communication and professional staff. Very happy with my purchase, hope to do business again soon.

Fast and safe shipment build a great trust and I’m very happy with the purchase. Glad to find this Trusted and professional company. Will order again.

I really appreciate this company. I’m a builder and this company made my projects so easy and made my customers glad. Thank you!

Fast and Safe shipment. Professional communication and quick responses made me glad. Highly Recommended company

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