6 Incredible Health Benefits Of Using Pink Salt Tiles For Himalayan Salt Therapy

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Himalayan salt lamps which can boost mood, improve sleep, ease allergies,reduce anxiety and clean the air. Warm orange colored light in dark room.

Himalayan salt therapy has gained popularity throughout the years. The therapy involves inhaling Himalayan salt particles through pink salt tiles or salt lamps. During therapy, the person lies in a room with salt tiles or salt blocks. A salt-grinding machine grinds crystals and disperses particles in the air; the person inhales these particles, which helps heal the respiratory system by reducing inflammation.  

In this blog, I’ll explain six incredible health benefits of using pink salt tiles for your health, so stick to your seats and keep reading. 

1. Clears The Respiratory Tract- Woe To Sinus 

Inhaling particles of salt bricks is good for your respiratory tract. It cures illnesses like bronchitis, asthma, and allergies by reducing inflammation in the airways, which helps with breathing. The salt particles fill the air with negative ions, which have a calming effect on the body, especially the respiratory tract. 

Studies published in the international journal of COPD found that Himalayan salt improves lung function and benefits people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 

Hence, using salt room tiles can save you on those expensive appointments to the ent specialist’s office and the regular use of nasal drops. However, head to the doctor immediately if you have a severe respiratory infection. 

2. Promotes Healthy Skin- Say Goodbye To Your Facewash  

The natural properties of Himalayan salt provide several benefits for your skin health because it contains several minerals like calcium and magnesium, making it a great substance for your skin. The natural elements of salt have many benefits for your skin. 

Firstly, it acts as an exfoliant due to its skin-friendly properties, which help remove dead skin cells, making the skin look fresh and smooth. Secondly, the antibacterial properties of Himalayan salt help it fight off acne-causing bacteria, which keeps your skin fresh and removes acne from your face. Hence, you can get that supermodel look with Himalayan salt therapy.  Lastly, Himalayan salt also detoxifies the skin by removing the skin’s negative elements and impurities, which helps the skin look healthier. 

So, with Himalayan salt therapy, you no longer need those costly treatments, soaps, or facewashes for your skin. 

3. Helps With Sleep- Sleep Like A Baby 

Himalayan salt contains minerals like Magnesium, which has sleep-inducing properties. The salt disperses its particles in the air, which release negative ions. The negative ions have various health benefits, including improving sleep quality.

A study published in the journal of alternative and complementary medicine found that salt therapy improves sleep quality, reducing the need for sleep medicines. However, despite its benefits, it shouldn’t be a substitute for medical treatments for a mental health condition or sleep deprivation. 

4. Relives Depression And Anxiety- promotes Mental Clarity

Himalayan salt therapy using Pink salt bricks promotes good mental health. Hence, it promotes relaxation. Studies from the international journal of occupational medicine show that Himalayan salt therapy promotes a positive mood and reduces anxiety in individuals with mild to modern anxiety levels. 

Secondly, reducing inflammation by inhaling Himalayan salt particles helps relax and promotes mental clarity. However, despite its benefits, medicine is a better option for complicated illnesses. 

5. Boosts General Immunity

The trace minerals in Himalayan salt boost the body’s defences. Hence, the body responds better against diseases. Magnesium helps produce T cells(White blood cells), which boosts the body’s response to disease and virus attacks.

Furthermore, calcium keeps bones strong and is important for T- and B-cells. T cells are important because they coordinate with other cells in the body, activating their immune response, which helps the immune system function better by tackling foreign substances that enter the body.

Lastly, Himalayan salt also prevents general inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s response to infection and injury. However, continuous inflammation is bad for the body and weakens it. The trace elements in Himalayan salt reduce this continuous inflammation, which keeps the body healthy. In a Crux, using pink salt blocks is good for your overall health.

6. Helps Allevaite Joint Pain

Another benefit of Himalayan salt therapy is its pain-relieving properties. Pink salt bricks from the pink salt walls of Punjab help ease joint pain. A study published in the international journal of rheumatic diseases showed that halotherapy helped ease pain and stiffness in patients with osteoarthritis. Himalayan salt block therapy relieves pain by releasing ions, which promotes a positive balance and reduces inflammation. 

My Two Cents 

Himalayan salt therapy has various benefits for your overall health. It is a natural therapy without any side effects. The therapy is a great cure for respiratory illness, skin health, stress relief, and immune system support. It also promotes good sleep and relieves pain.

Although more information is needed to understand Himalayan salt’s health benefits fully,  there is growing evidence of its health benefits; whether you do your therapy at home or visit a halotherapy center, that’s upto you. Nevertheless, Himalayan salt is an accessible and inexpensive remedy for various ailments.  

However, remember that Himalayan salt is not a substitute for medical treatment; only a doctor can cure complex illnesses; in this case, I don’t recommend Himalayan salt therapy. 

For example, if you struggle with depression and anxiety, in this case, Himalayan salt is a good cure. However, if you are a patient with Schizophrenia or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, getting medical treatment is the best option. A doctor makes a complete plan of action to deal with your illness, such as the dose of medicine and treatment options, which is impossible with  Himalayan salt therapy. 

In a nutshell, Himalayan salt is a good therapy. However, it’s not a good replacement for chronic or critical illnesses. Nevertheless, it is a quick solution for minor illnesses like inflammation and congestion.   

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