8 Attractive Sauna Salt Wall Ideas For Your Sauna And Spa

sauna salt wall

Sauna salt walls are popular because of their health benefits. They provide numerous benefits, like relieving nasal blockage and helping with sleep. The salt wall is made from salt sauna blocks.  In this blog, I explain eight attractive sauna salt wall ideas for your sauna and spa.  

sauna salt wall

1. Himalayan Salt Walls

Himalayan salt walls are a good idea for decorating your sauna or spa. The salt is popular because it contains eighty trace minerals beneficial for the human body, such as Calcium and Magnesium. Moreover, it is found in the salt mines of Punjab, Pakistan.

The emission of negative ions, which boost the mood, help sleep, and treat acne, makes Himalayan salt walls good for health. Nevertheless, here’s how to use Himalayan salt in the sauna: simply build a wall of Himalayan salt bricks, and your work is done. 

2.  Sea Salt Walls 

Sea salt is another good choice for sauna salt walls. Although sea salt has the same properties as Himalayan salt, it is cheaper than it. Hence, sea salt is a great option for a salt sauna at home.

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3. Backlit Salt Walls 

Backlit salt walls are a new addition to the salt wall family. Alongside the health benefits, these walls offer your sauna and spa an attractive look. Similar to Himalayan or sea salt walls, these walls are made from salt blocks but with the addition of LED lights. The combination of salt bricks with LED backlights provides a good ambience to your spa room. Hence, you absorb negative ions with a classy touch.  

4. Custom Salt Walls

If you are someone who doesn’t stick to the traditional options, Custom salt walls of sauna salt blocks are best for you. These walls come in all shapes and sizes, making them great for your home. Hence, choose the best design depending on your room size, shape, or whichever way you like. 

When you’re going for a custom salt wall, you can also choose the texture, which adds more to your spa’s attractiveness. However, work with a professional to design a salt wall for good advice on “how to use salt in the sauna” and better options. 

5. Modular Salt Walls

Modular salt walls consist of panels or tiles of salt. These walls fit any space, whether a large wall or a small one. The greatest benefit of a Modular salt wall is the availability of various salt options like sea salt and Himalayan salt. 

When building a Modular salt wall, use a step-by-step approach. Firstly, choose the suitable salt type. Secondly, decide the shape and size of your salt wall. Once you finish the first two steps, start designing your wall; arrange the blocks in the pattern of your choice, and you are done. 

6. Salt Panel Walls

Salt panel walls are lined specifically with salt panels, providing a good aroma to your spa and sauna. The panels are made from Himalayan or sea salt. When the panels reach the appropriate salt sauna temperature, they emit negative ions, which relieve the body.

The salt panels come in various shapes and sizes, making them a great option for home decor. Aside from their aesthetic properties, salt panels are good for Halotherapy, which cures nasal blockage and skin conditions. Additionally, the magnesium content of Himalayan salt walls helps induce sleep, making it a great stress reliever.    

The salt panels come in many shapes and sizes, such as large rectangles and small decorative tiles. You can install them in any pattern you choose, whether by stacking them vertically or horizontally or by creating a mosaic. Just make sure you use the right Himalayan salt for the sauna

7. Salt-Poured Walls 

Salt-poured walls are another attractive addition to sauna salt wall designs. The Himalayan salt wall sauna benefits users greatly. Salt-poured walls involve pouring salt into resin into a wooden frame, which creates a beautiful design. 

There are many benefits of salt-poured walls. There are many design choices, and the salt walls are durable. Also, the maintenance of salt walls is easy. Hence, they are a desirable option for home decor and a great answer to “how to use salt in the sauna.” In summary, Himalayan salt bricks for sauna salt walls are a great option. 

8. Salt Stone Walls

If you want your salt wall design to stand out, stone salt walls are the best option. These walls provide a good look to your spa and act as a wow factor for onlookers. Select the stones for their size and shape when making a stone salt wall. Look for stones that provide an attractive landscape which looks pleasing. Moreover, you can also add LED lights to stones, giving a nice atmosphere that promotes relaxation and well-being.

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Salt is nature’s gift, with many health benefits. Himalayan salt and other salt forms have many therapeutic benefits, such as relieving pain and curing acne. The salt walls of the Punjab region are full of salt mines and can potentially boost the Pakistani economy; they provide excellent design solutions and other beneficial items. 

Nevertheless, there are many design ideas if you plan to go for a salt wall. You can use stone designs, panel walls, or a customized salt wall with LED lights. In either case, it improves your spa room’s look and provides a good atmosphere, improving the mood and soothing effect. However, the best way to do it is to hire a professional who gives you the best advice and affordable rates.   

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