Glow Up Your Life: The Power of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt is nature’s finest gift; it possesses trace minerals with beneficial health properties. Himalayan salt lamps are the most common way to use Himalayan salt. The lamps are made from Himalayan salt in the Khewra region of Punjab, Pakistan. The lamps are aesthetically appealing and offer many health benefits, such as air purifying.  

Himalayan Salt Lamps

In this, we dive into the world of Himalayan salt and explore, in detail, the numerous health benefits it has for the human body.  

1. Purifies The Air  

Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions into the air. These ions neutralize particles, like pollutants, and other negative elements, giving the air a positive vibe. This, in turn, positively affects the respiratory system, helping ease nasal congestion and other issues. 

A study published in the journal of human ecology supports this claim; it states that exposure to negative ions positively affected the respiratory system of participants with asthma and allergies.

Another study found that the negative ions from Himalayan salt purify the air, helping with sleep and reducing depression. I’ll explain this point next. Nevertheless,  salt lamps improve air quality and are a low-cost remedy for respiratory illnesses.  

2. Improves Mood

Other than purifying air, another amazing benefit of the Himalayan lamp is how it improves mood and emotional well-being. The warm, soft glow of Himalayan lamps relaxes the brain, which helps relieve stress. 

Scientific evidence supports this claim about Himalayan salt. A study published in the journal of affective disorders showed that exposure to bright lights decreased depression, helping people with mental health issues. 

Although there is limited research on how Himalayan salt benefits the mood, people agree that the warm and cozy atmosphere from the salt lamps helps people relax and ease symptoms of depression. In a nutshell, Himalayan salt is a great mood enhancer with a good aesthetic appeal that adds a stylish look to your home decor. 

3. Promotes Good Sleep

Salt rock lamps not only improve mood but also help with sleep. The warm light from Himalayan salt lamps relaxes the brain, which promotes sleep. Although there is less research on the topic, some studies show the benefits of salt lamps for sleep. 

A research paper published in the journal of sleep research showed that blue light helps improve sleep quality. However, Himalayan salt lamps don’t produce blue light. Hence, researchers are still unsure of the effects of Himalayan salt lamps on sleep. 

The sleep cycle effect cannot be attributed to the light only. The trace minerals of Himalayan salt also reduce respiratory illnesses, which helps people sleep better. The Himalayan salt lamps are made from Himalayan salt, with a hollow space which contains the light bulb. 

If you’re looking to make a salt lamp a part of your sleep schedule, consider a few factors while making the decision. Large is not good. You are wrong if you think large salt lamps release more ions, encouraging more sleep. Rather, look for salt lamps which fit your room size and contain original Himalayan salt. Some shops offer cheap copies made from fake Himalayan salt, meaning they don’t give the same health benefits. 

Hence, the Himalayan salt lamp benefits patients as a great remedy for anxiety attacks and relaxation. 

4. Reduces Allergies 

The particles present in Himalayan salt help reduce allergy symptoms. The salt particles counter dust and other pollutants, which helps with symptoms like watery eyes, sneezing, and coughing. 

Allergies occur when the body overreacts to normally harmless substances, like pollen grains or dust. In either case, the body produces Histamines, which cause the allergy symptoms. By reducing environmental pollutants, Himalayan salt salts lessen the allergy symptoms. 

Once again, although the research is limited, it still shows a relationship between using pink salt lamps and allergy symptoms. A study in the international archives of allergy and immunology found that negative ions reduce allergens like pollen grains, which reduced symptoms of hay fever in participants. 

Another research published in the Human Ecology journal showed that Himalayan salt particles positively impacted the respiratory systems, helping the participants relax and alleviate the allergy symptoms. This research had 30 participants, and its duration was two weeks. During the period, the participants inhaled negative ions from a salt lamp for 30 minutes each day. The participants saw improvement in their lung health and respiratory tract.

Hence, a salt crystal lamp is great for people with minor respiratory illnesses and allergies.

The Takeaway  

Pink Himalayan salt lamps are the best representation of nature’s gift: Himalayan salt. As per the current research, Himalayan salt has various health benefits; although more research is needed to elaborate on these health benefits, the existing research shows Himalayan salt as a cheap alternative to expensive treatment. 

Himalayan salt is a great air purifier and releases negative ions, which tackle pollutants, promoting a good atmosphere. Moreover, the salt’s properties also help with sleep, which cures many mental illnesses, like anxiety and depression. Furthermore, salt also reduces the impact of allergy symptoms by reducing environmental allergens.  

While choosing a salt lamp, ensure you buy from a dealer who sells original salt products. Many dealers sell fake products that don’t provide value for money and have negative health effects rather than positive ones. Another tip for a salt lamp is to choose a small size. People believe that big salt lamps provide higher health benefits. However, that’s not true. In fact, big Himalayan lamps benefits are less than small Himalayan lamps. 

Nevertheless, Himalayan salt lamps are a great remedy with various health benefits. However, they are not a cure for serious medical illnesses. If you have a serious mental illness, like Schizophrenia, consult a doctor immediately.   

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