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RFS Tradings Salt Tiles 8″ x 4″ x 1″ – Pack 2


It is an economical pack of RFS Tradings Salt Tiles for serving food, Foot Detox, Animal Licking. It is also good for dry-age and to build or design salt wall room.

L:8″ x W:4″ x H:1″5.8 lbsNatural RFS Tradings Pink Salt

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We mined the Natural RFS Tradings Pink Rock Salt from the beds of Himalayas Ranges. After mining, the crafting process starts and we design these salt tiles of rectangular shape. We have made a pack of RFS Tradings Salt Tiles that has 2 salt tiles for several purposes. You can use this pack for cooking, serving, foot detox, and extensive construction. This pack is ideal for foot detox salt therapy at home for footsore and relaxation. RFS Tradings Salt Tiles will draw out toxins from the body. These are good to use for therapeutic salt rooms and for smaller salt wall to promote healthy environment. But this small pack of RFS Tradings Salt Tiles is more appropriate for small salt DIY projects, Manicure/Pedicure and salt foot therapy. Due its less thickness and weight, salt tiles are popular.
It is easier and cheaper to use RFS Tradings Salt Tiles to make the salt panels, salt frames, salt walls, fireplaces, kitchen slabs, yoga rooms, therapy rooms, and wellness centers. The color scheme ranges in the textured hues of amber, ambiance orange, ash red, and yellow. They let the light pass and give an alluring look. RFS Tradings Salt tiles are not popular just for their look but for their many health benefits. They host a great number of essential trace minerals. When the backlight glows, it provides a little heat to the wall and Salt Tile starts the process of emission of negative ions. RFS Tradings Salt Tiles purify the air quality and make the surrounding anti-bacterial. Salt Tiles clear the inner linings of lungs and improve the breathing conditions. So, we especially recommend them for the patients of Asthma.
These tiles are good to make small salt project as per affordability. The emission of negative ions that purifies air quality make it appropriate to promote and develop a healthy environment. RFS Tradings Salt tiles help in reducing the mucus and inflammation in the lungs. They also support immune system by improving the ventilation system. Another amazing property is that RFS Tradings Salt Tiles balances the pH level and supports the Libido. They boost the mood and give a relief from stress that result in boosting the Libido hormones. When the mood and relation between Husband and Wife are good, people feel always happy. Happiness supports human health by improving the immune system. This is the reason why we suggest to build smaller salt wall in the bedroom or even at your work setup. Because this will keep you active and happy. On the other hand, animals also take benefits from them. Animals love to Lick mineral salt tiles that keep their digestive system strong. These Licking Salt Tiles also improve animal immunity and respiratory system. Even they help to increase their milk yield.
These rectangular RFS Tradings Salt Tiles have the dimensions of 8 inches Length, 4 inches Width and only 1 inch thickness. This shorter thickness or height make them unique and more usable salt product. Each Salt Tile has 2.9 pounds weight. But this entire pack weighs about 5.8 pounds. We cover each salt tile with shrink wrap and then put 2 tiles in a carton. The purpose of shrink wrap is to prevent them from moisture. During shipping this pack, we use other material in the carton such as sea form or safety bags that keep these tiles safe. We provide replacement if any unfortunate thing happens after taking all the safety measurements. It is little heavier pack but to give an ease to our customer, we offer FREE SHIPPING service to our valuable customers.


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