RFS Tradings Salt Tiles 8″ x 4″ x 1″ – Pack 10


Wholesale RFS Tradings Salt Tiles that are good for small salt wall, salt frame, Dry-Age, and salt foot detox therapy. Salt Tiles with sharp corners and fine color.

L:8″ x W:4″ x H:1″29 lbsNatural RFS Tradings Pink Salt

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RFS Tradings Salt Tiles are good enough to use for multiple purposes. That is why we make this economical pack that will let you use these tiles for domestic purposes, small projects, and even for large purposes. After mining Natural RFS Tradings Pink Rock salt from the foothills of RFS Tradings Salt Ranges. We hire special labor who craft this natural stone into the standard size salt tiles. Our labor design them with such dimensions that give convenient to use and cheaper in price. This pack contains 10 RFS Tradings Salt Tiles that are equal in size. This pack gives affordability for mini DIY salt projects like giving a healthy touch to the interior or doing salt detox, and much more. These tiles have a shorter thickness which is why they are lightweight and can easily use for different purposes. They are illuminating substitutes for regular tiles.

The stunning color scheme of RFS Tradings Salt Tiles and the marble texture on them make them perfect for fancy entrances, fireplaces, main walls, kitchen interior, and others. Most clients have used them to build a salt wall, salt panels, kitchen slabs, fireplaces, therapeutic salt chambers, yoga rooms, meditation spots, and others. Salt tiles develop a healthy environment that cures various respiratory and skin disorders. Because they host a great number of essential minerals which are good for health. This is why the trend of their use has been increased to make therapeutic salt chambers, meditation spots, and yoga rooms. Their extraordinary ability to filter and clear the air from substances like dust, pet dander, mold, etc. from the air through the process of hygroscopy. The salty air due to their presence improves sleeping quality, and breathing conditions, balances pH levels, Kills Allergies, and increases Libido. RFS Tradings Salt Tiles strengthen the immune system and lungs by clearing the inner linings of the lungs. It has been proved that RFS Tradings Salt removes unwanted particles from the respiratory tract and makes the breath easy. RFS Tradings Salt tiles produce salty air and this air helps to remove the disease-causing polluted substances from the air by emitting negative ions. This impact promotes a healthy environment. So this purification of air leaves a soothing aroma. This is why it is common that RFS Tradings Salt Tiles soothe the mind.

Along with the health benefits, RFS Tradings Salt Tiles give an alluring look enchanting glow. This is a trend to use them for Home Improvement. Due to their smaller weight, they can be installed easily. Another good thing is, it comes at a cheaper price. This wholesale salt tile pack has a very economical price. When they pass the backlight, there is a very amazing environment develops that attracts the other’s eye. RFS Tradings Salt Tiles enhance the aesthetic value of the space with the blushed amber glow. So, they are good enough for Decor. You can improve your home and work setup design and look with them.

We cover them with shrink wrap and then put them in a carton. This is just to keep them safe from moisture and breakage. Due to its shorter thickness, there are more chances of its breakage. There is another point, that these tiles cannot use to build a salt wall of long height. Because of its shorter thickness, the wall will not remain stable. But they are good to build a smaller salt wall or to design a salt room or salt wall. Each Salt Tile has the following dimensions;

8 inches in length, 4 inches in Width, and 1-inch Thickness. And it weighs 2.9 pounds. But this pack weighs 29 pounds. We always strive to give convenience to our valuable customers, we provide FREE SHIPPING service to everyone in the Canada and USA.



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