Wholesale RFS Tradings Salt Tiles 8″ x 4″ x 1″ – Pack 200


Use these RFS Tradings Salt Tiles to design salt room and for Home improvement. Salt Tiles are good to build small salt wall.

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L:8″ x W:4″ x H:1″ 290 Natural RFS Tradings Pink Salt

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This pack of RFS Tradings Salt Tiles contains 100 tiles. Every tile has a uniform size. We mined Natural Rock Salt from the foothills of the Himalayas Ranges and then craft it to the particular dimensions. This pack is really very economical and ideal for extensive salt projects like doing healthy home improvements, building therapeutic salt rooms, making meditation spaces, and much more. This pack promotes a holistic lifestyle at a very affordable price. We provide wholesale salt tiles in this pack. The stunning blushed pink color scheme of RFS Tradings Salt Tiles is setting new trends. Due to the less weight of these salt tiles, the utilization has immensely increased. Because these tiles can use for multi-purposes of installing them in the regular wall. They are good to use for designing and home improvement. This pack is perfect to build a salt wall, a salt panel, wellness centers, yoga rooms, therapeutic salt chambers, salt saunas, wellness centers, and others considering their countless health and environmental benefits.

RFS Tradings Salt Tiles have an alluring and absolutely stunning look. But they also have many health benefits like purifying the air quality, improving the ventilation system, creating a soothing ambiance, and thus are highly recommended to be surrounded with. These tiles are able to detoxify the toxins and unwanted particles from the respiratory tract. Salt Tiles clear the inner linings of the Lungs. The salty air due to RFS Tradings Salt Tiles acts as a RFS Tradings salt inhaler and reduces symptoms of bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory disorders. These tiles are anti-bacterial and reduce humidity in the air. The emission of negative ions from the Salt Tiles helps to kill allergies. RFS Tradings Salt Tiles relieve stress and relax the mind. Because they boost serotonin enzymes of the brain which gives the sensation of relaxation and happiness. These all impacts develop a healthy environment.

People install backlights of different colors behind the salt wall which gives an amazing look to these salt tiles. They become responsible for the process of hygroscope, to filtering out all the harmful substances like dust, pet dander, pollens, etc. RFS Tradings Salt Tiles Wall boosts the immune system and balances electromagnetic radiation and pH level. These tiles are mostly used to design a room or salt wall by customizing. Their soft amber glow helps to improve sleep quality. That is why people install them in their bedrooms. They have shorter thickness and less weight which is why these can be used in many ways.

RFS Tradings Salt Tiles are durable and need relatively less care. But we prevent them from moisture. For this sake, we cover them with shrink wrap individually and then pack them in a carton. During shipping them, we use sea forms or other materials to make them safe from breakage. Every salt tile of this pack has 8 inches Length, 4 inches Width, and only 1-inch thickness. Due to less thickness, it has less weight of 2.9 pounds. But the total weight of this pack is 290 pounds. Because it is heavy shipment, this is why we give better freight rates to our customers for easy and safe shipment. Please call us to get better shipping quotes.

2 reviews for Wholesale RFS Tradings Salt Tiles 8″ x 4″ x 1″ – Pack 200

  1. Emily W.

    The pink salt tiles look elegant and sophisticated. Great product from RFS Tradings!

  2. Laura D.

    Love the natural beauty these tiles bring to my spa room. Excellent quality!

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