RFS Tradings Salt Tiles 8″ x 4″ x 1″ – Pack 4


An economical pack of RFS Tradings Salt Tiles that is unique in its shape. For its lightweight, easy to use for foot therapy, small salt wall, and dry-age meat.

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L:8″ x W:4″ x H:1″ 11.6 lbs Natural RFS Tradings Pink Salt

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This is a very economical pack of RFS Tradings Salt Tiles that contains 4 tiles. Each Salt Tile has the same size and sharp edges. We produce them after mining the Natural RFS Tradings Rock Salt from the beds of the Himalayas Ranges. This is mini but an ideal pack for small DIY projects, foot detox, cooking, and serving purposes. It gives convenience for Salt feet therapy at Home. This pack is useable for other different purposes also. People use it to Decor the wall for Home Improvement. This is also a good practice to make salt frames and hang them with the wall. This also increases the beauty of the Wall.
The serving or cooking purpose is just because of its ability to spread evenly heat. These also remain heated and food does not get cold. The natural Pinkish color attracts the eyes that is why people love to serve the food on them or cook on them. RFS Tradings Salt Tiles have the stunning marble pink color to mesmerize. Instead of this usage, these salt tiles are good to design the salt room or wall. Due to its smaller weight and shorter thickness, people use it to install in their Sauna Center or where less weight is required. But they cannot use to build a salt wall of large height because the stability of the wall will be compromised. Although, people use them for therapeutic salt rooms and wellness centers. There are certain proofs for salt therapy that it cures various respiratory and skin-related issues. Due to the healing power of RFS Tradings Salt Tiles, we recommend it for footsore and body detoxification.
RFS Tradings Salt Tiles contain a lot of health beneficial minerals and fundamental elements. These essential minerals support the immune system and give many health benefits such as give relief from sinus issues, reducing fatigue, improving breathing, and curing asthma. Salt Tiles have thriving and wellbeing priorities. They do not have any negative impact on skin or sleep. RFS Tradings Salt improves sleep quality by giving relaxation. Salt Tiles Enhance mental and physical health. There are many germs in our air and there is always the possibility of the growth of bacteria. But these salt tiles Clear dust, pollen, pet dander, and potential allergens.
The emission of negative ions from the RFS Tradings Salt Tiles help in air purification and making anti-bacterial surrounding. This property leads to use these salt tiles for the Dry-Age the meat and beef. People build the RFS Tradings Salt Wall or Salt Room and put meat or beef on the racks in the salt room. After 3-5 weeks, the meat or beef is dry-aged. This process is safe and hygienic. But the real advantage is that dry-age with RFS Tradings Salt Tiles add an incredible and unique taste to the beef or meat. This is the reason why this practice is making a trend nowadays.
We protect these salt tiles from moisture by covering them with shrink wrap. After wrapping we put 4 salt tiles in the carton. But during shipping, we use seafoam or other material in the inner side corners of the box to make sure of their safety. Each Salt tile in this pack has 8 inches Length, 4 inches Width, and 1-inch thickness. Due to its shorter thickness, it weighs only 2.9 pounds. But this entire pack weighs 11.6 pounds. We strive to give convenience to the customers that is why we offer FREE SHIPPING for this pack. You just need to place an order via the website or just email us. There would be no extra cost and you would be able to get maximum health benefits from it.

2 reviews for RFS Tradings Salt Tiles 8″ x 4″ x 1″ – Pack 4

  1. Isabella F.

    The pink salt tiles are an excellent addition to my wellness retreat.

  2. Lucas R.

    RFS Tradings’ tiles are both functional and decorative. Love them!

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