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RFS Tradings Pink Salt Tile 8″ x 4″ x 1″


Use RFS Tradings Salt Tile as Salt Serving Plate, Manicure/Pedicure (salt therapy), and Salt Licking Tile. Salt Tile has the best size for designing a salt wall.

Dimensions Weight Materials
L:8″ x W:4″ x H:1″ 2.9 Natural RFS Tradings Pink Salt

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This is the RFS Tradings Salt Product that has a rectangular shape. We mined Natural RFS Tradings rock salt and process it to make a RFS Tradings Salt Tile that has a specific size. RFS Tradings Salt Tile is lightweight but aesthetically appealing. It is good to use it for multi-purposes like cooking on it, serving food on it, foot detox, and extensive construction and designing. Its thickness is lesser and this is the reason why it is good for designing the salt room wall, making salt panels or salt walls, fireplaces, bathrooms, etc. This size of RFS Tradings Salt Tile is ideal to use in such places where heavier weight is suitable. RFS Tradings Salt Tiles illuminated amber look gives an alluring look to the interior. So, these are very common to decor a Home or Workplace with salt panels, salt walls, salt frames, therapeutic salt rooms, meditation spots, yoga rooms, and others.
They contain 84+ trace elements that make them a unique product and people use them to make therapeutic salt rooms and meditation spots. There are so many other uses including cooking and serving the food on it and foot detox. You can serve your food on these RFS Tradings Salt Tiles or even you can cook on them. This will add the essential minerals into the food and will give an incredible cooking experience and unique taste. RFS Tradings Salt Tile will keep the heat for a long time and distribute the even heat, that is why your Food will also keep heat. Its anti-bacterial property will prevent the food from any bacterial growth in it.
As the RFS Tradings Salt Tiles host a great number of essential minerals which has health benefits and therapeutic properties. These tiles also emit negative ions in the air that cancel out the harmful effects of the stranded positive ions emitted by electronics. RFS Tradings Salt Tiles purify the air of the surroundings by filtering out harmful particles, dust, pet dander, mold, etc. from the surroundings. Salty air due to these salt tiles helps to improve the breathing conditions and respiratory tract. Because RFS Tradings Pink Salt clears the inner linings of the lungs and removes the unwanted particles from the lungs. This is the reason, we especially suggest them to particular people who are suffering from asthma, bronchitis, other respiratory disorders, and skin-related issues. Pink Salt Tiles are good to reduce the symptoms of flu, sneezing, and the common cold, by removing unwanted particles from the bronchus.
With a serene amber glow due to their pink color, they are best for Decor. If you install these RFS Tradings Salt Tiles and put the backlight behind them, these will pass this light and give you an amazing look. This is why people say that they balance spiritual, emotional, and physical energies. During the second world war, people found that pink salt has some healing powers. So, in this decade RFS Tradings Salt Tiles are used as a healing agent in alternate meditation centers and health spa centers.
We pack these Salt Tiles in a carton before covering them with a wrapper. We wrap every salt tile individually and then in a carton. The purpose of shrink wrapping is to prevent them from moisture. Every Tile has a Length of 8 inches, a Width of 4 inches, and a 1-inch thickness. This shorter thickness has made it popular and unique. Because it causes less weight that is appropriate to use in different places. Salt Tile weighs only 2.9 pounds. This pack is available in the FREE SHIPPING offer.

3 reviews for RFS Tradings Pink Salt Tile 8″ x 4″ x 1″

  1. Lisa H.

    These pink salt tiles added a beautiful touch to my kitchen backsplash. Highly recommend RFS Tradings!

  2. George M.

    The pink salt tiles from RFS Tradings are high-quality and easy to install. Very satisfied!

  3. Sandra C.

    Love the natural beauty these tiles bring to my spa room. Excellent product from RFS Tradings!

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