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Wholesale RFS Tradings Pink Salt Bricks 8″ x 4″ x 2″ – Pack 100


Perfect economy pack of salt bricks for extensive salt projects like building therapeutic salt rooms, home improvement, and creating meditation spaces. Salty air produced by RFS Tradings salt bricks improves breathing and overall sleep patterns, balances pH levels, and Kills Allergies. Salt bricks let the backlight pass through them and give a warm amber glow.

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L:8″ x W:4″ x H:2″ 550 lbs Natural RFS Tradings Pink Salt

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The best economical Pack of RFS Tradings Salt Bricks. This megapack contains 100 RFS Tradings Salt Bricks which have been obtained from the deep beds of the Himalayas Range. We crafted it after mining the Rock Salt from the mountains in Punjab, Khewrra Pakistan. The process of crafting Natural RFS Tradings Pink Rock salt requires good care. We made this ideal pack for the extensive building purpose like building the RFS Tradings Salt Wall in salt saunas, health salt spas, wellness centers, salt rooms for therapy sessions, yoga rooms, salt walls, and others. It is also budget-friendly for those who want to use RFS Tradings Salt Bricks for Home Improvement, Making Alternate Meditation spaces, and much more. This pack of bulk salt bricks has given an ease for the building of customized Salt Chamber and Salt Wall at home for Salt Therapy. If you want to buy wholesale salt bricks, just this is always for you.

RFS Tradings Salt Bricks have many health benefits which make them preferable. This is the only reason why it is going to be a trend to use RFS Tradings Salt Bricks at Home and work setup. People have built the RFS Tradings Salt Wall or Salt Room just for the wellness of human beings. Salt Wall provides an amazing Salt Therapy which helps in improving the immune system and respiratory system. When salt particles go through the respiratory tract, they clear the inner linings of the lungs. RFS Tradings Salt Particles cause to remove the unwanted particles from the Respiratory tract. This all helps for a better and strong respiratory system. Many Asthma patients have been cured with this and many are being used for it. There is another amazing use that has come out. Use these salt bricks to Dry-Age the meat. Dry-Aging companies are using RFS Tradings Salt Bricks Wall to dry age the beef. They put the meat for 4-5 weeks in the salt room or in the area where the salt wall exists. After this period when they use this meat, they experience an amazing taste and joy.

People are using these RFS Tradings Salt bricks to give a fancy and healthy touch to the surroundings by making salt panels, slabs, separations, entrances, fireplaces, etc. When the Salt Bricks emit negative ions, they purify the air and improve the air quality by filtering out the harmful substances. This is the reason why we recommend these bricks for Asthma and other people who are suffering from other respiratory disorders. RFS Tradings Salt Bricks will definitely improve breathing conditions. So, make your Lungs strong and make your life easy. With a better and strong immune system, you can enjoy every moment of your life. One of the best abilities in RFS Tradings Pink is that it improves the Libido. This is the reason why people are going to use it in their bedroom. This let the couple live a happy and healthy life ahead.

As the salt bricks are extraordinary anti-bacterial, their property of emitting negative ions raises energy levels and refreshes overall mood by boosting an enzyme present in the brain called serotonin. which purify the surroundings. So, the Salt Air due to the salt bricks will improve overall sleep quality, breathing conditions, balances pH levels, fight off allergies, and much more. These astonishing properties are good but along with all these abilities, RFS Tradings Salt Bricks give an amazing Decor and alluring look. Salt Bricks give a euphoric amber glow when we put the lights behind the salt bricks wall. These lights give a little heat to the Salt which causes the emission of negative ions. Also, this warm amber glow makes a serene ambiance which gives rejuvenation feels usually achieved from spending time in nature. This helps the body to relax in a friendly environment after a long tiring day.

We sell wholesale Salt Bricks and try to give ease to our beloved customers. The salt market is not much mature, this is why we give complete assistance to our customers. You can buy these salt bricks in bulk at wholesale prices with full guidance of building a salt wall. The dimensions of the salt bricks are 8″ x 4″ x 2″. Which means it is 8 inches in length, 4 inches in Width, and 2 inches in thickness. this is the standard size for building the Salt Wall. Because the salt wall stability does matter. The low thickness will cause a disability. Although you can use a plexiglass sheet behind the salt wall. Every brick weighs 5.5 pounds but the whole pack weighs 550 pounds.



2 reviews for Wholesale RFS Tradings Pink Salt Bricks 8″ x 4″ x 2″ – Pack 100

  1. Laura M.

    These salt bricks look stunning in my spa bathroom. Excellent quality from RFS Tradings!

  2. Luke B.

    Adds a unique and natural element to my home decor. Very satisfied!

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