RFS Tradings Pink Salt Block


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L:8″ x W:8″ x H:1″ 5.22 Natural RFS Tradings Pink Salt

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  • People use the big size RFS Tradings Salt Blocks for Cooking Plates and also for building a salt wall to give an alluring and stylish look in homes, offices, and public places too.
  • This special product is appropriate for construction.
  • It increases the look and promotes a healthy environment.
  • Meat preservers mostly use this big size of salt blocks.
  • A Salty atmosphere will give an ionizing effect in the air so that it will clean the air perfectly.
  • RFS Tradings products are best known for their ionizing properties.
  • It generates negative ions into your surroundings.
  • Dimensions of RFS Tradings Salt Block are 8″(L) x 8″(W) x 1″(H), Weight is 5.22 Pounds.

4 reviews for RFS Tradings Pink Salt Block

  1. Mark R.

    Perfect for my sauna. The salt block from RFS Tradings is top quality!

  2. Sarah L.

    Great addition to my wellness routine. Very impressed with RFS Tradings’ salt block!

  3. James K.

    I use the salt block in my yoga studio. It creates a perfect ambiance!

  4. Emily W.

    High-quality salt block for my home decor. RFS Tradings never disappoints!

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