Where To Buy Pink Curing Salt In Canada


With its rich culinary history, Canada has embraced various food preservation techniques. Among these methods, the use of PINK SALT WALLS for curing has always been a favorite. Pink-curing salt is vital for many Canadians who love preparing cured meats at home. Thus, whether you’re a budding charcuterie enthusiast or an experienced chef looking to replenish your supplies, finding a reliable source for pink curing salt can be crucial. So, where can you buy pink-curing salt in Canada? Let’s delve into this topic.

What is Pink Curing Salt?

Before diving into where to buy it, it’s essential to understand why people use PINK SALT WALLS for curing. First, let’s not confuse it with pink Himalayan salt. Rather,  pink curing salt is a mixture of sodium chloride (table salt) and sodium nitrite. As a result,  It’s dyed pink to distinguish it from regular salt. This salt is used to prevent the growth of bacteria and to preserve the colour of the meat during the curing process.

There are two types:

Prague Powder #1

Prague Powder #1 contains 6.25% sodium nitrite and 93.75% table salt. It’s mainly used for meats that are to be smoked or cooked. These PINK SALT WALLS are ideal for items like sausages, bacon, or hams that require cooking before consumption.

Prague Powder #2

Prague Powder #2 contains 6.25% sodium nitrite, 4% sodium nitrate, and 89.75% table salt. The SAUNA SALT WALL is intended for dried meats that don’t require cooking, such as various dry-cured sausages or salamis. Prague Powder #2 provides a longer-term cure thanks to the inclusion of sodium nitrate, which gradually converts to sodium nitrite.

Where to Buy Pink Curing Salt in Canada

Local Butcher Shops: Many local butcher shops that have a selection of cured meats often carry  HIMALAYAN SALT WALLS or can direct you to where it’s available. As more Canadians venture into curing at home, these shops have started to stock this essential ingredient more frequently.

Specialty Food Stores: 

These stores, especially those catering to gourmet foods, usually carry specialized ingredients like pink curing salt. You might even come across shops that specifically cater to charcuterie needs.

Online Marketplaces:


One of the top online destinations, Amazon.ca offers a variety of pink curing salt brands. The advantage here is the wide selection and user reviews, which can help you choose the best brand for your needs.

Wholesale Suppliers:

 If you’re into commercial production or need pink curing salt in bulk, wholesale suppliers or B2B marketplaces can be the best choice. Companies like NAIT or Stuffers Supply Company are renowned in the Canadian market for their quality products.

Health Food Stores: 

While pink curing salt is not exactly a health food, some health food stores carry it due to the demand from customers who prefer to make their cured meats at home to ensure no additional chemicals or preservatives are added.

What to Remember When Buying Pink Curing Salt

Don’t Confuse with Other Salts: As mentioned earlier, pink curing salt is not the same as pink Himalayan salt. Always read the label and ensure you’re getting the correct product.

Buy Only What You Need: 

Both Prague Powder #1 and #2 have specific uses. Purchase according to your curing needs. Buying in bulk might be cost-effective if you frequently cure meats.

Check for Additives: 

Pure pink curing salt should only have the ingredients mentioned earlier. Avoid those with additional additives or anti-caking agents.

Cooking and Curing at Home

Canada’s culinary scene has seen a surge in home cooking and the revival of traditional methods, such as curing. Many Canadians are now eager to try their hand at making homemade bacon, sausages, or jerky. Pink-curing salt plays a pivotal role in these processes, ensuring the safety and quality of the final product.

Why Cure at Home?

Customization: When you cure your own meats, you have complete control over the flavours and ingredients used. To create unique products, you can experiment with various herbs, spices, and flavour profiles.

Quality Control: 

By sourcing high-quality cuts of meat and using trusted curing methods, you can ensure that your final products are of the highest quality.

Health Consciousness: 

Curing at home allows you to limit the use of additives and preservatives, giving you peace of mind about the ingredients in your food.


There’s a deep sense of satisfaction in producing your own cured meats. It’s a craft that continues for generations, and mastering it can be incredibly rewarding.


Canada’s vast culinary landscape means that sourcing specific ingredients, even as specialized as pink-curing salt, is relatively easy once you know where to look. Whether you opt to buy online for convenience or prefer to visit local suppliers for quality assurance, the options are plentiful. Remember always to prioritize quality, and you’ll be well on your way to producing delicious, safe, and well-preserved cured meats at home.

Curing meats at home is not only a culinary adventure but also a way to connect with Canadian culinary traditions and ensure that you have full control over the quality of your food. So, explore the sources mentioned above, embark on your curing journey, and savour the delicious results.

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