Salt Adhesive


Perfect Transparent Salt Adhesive to join Salt Bricks. This is a unique Salt Wall Adhesive.

300 ml0.86 lbsNatural RFS Tradings Pink Salt

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This is a unique product. We develop it after long research. We develop this Salt Adhesive for the RFS Tradings Salt. The core purpose behind this development is to introduce a glue that helps to build a salt wall without any mess. With the use of this salt adhesive, you can build your own customize salt wall. This special and unique custom-made sealant is good enough for RFS Tradings Salt Bricks. This Salt Adhesive connects salt bricks very strongly. If you use regular or another glue, it can react with salt and result in the backlight not being able to pass through the bricks. This Transparent Salt Adhesive will let the light pass and will give a very beautiful look to the RFS Tradings Salt Wall. This is the reason it is preferable to salt glue.
The method of using this adhesive is so simple. This comes in a tube shape. Use a glue gun to pull it out then paste it on the salt brick and then connect it with other salt brick. Let it dry for few times. This special salt adhesive will act and dry relatively faster than normal glues. Be careful while using it and prevent it from Children. It can irritate the eyes, please use it carefully. But there will be no chemical induce side effects on the RFS Tradings salt bricks. It is only for RFS Tradings Pink Salt this is why you can use it to repair other RFS Tradings Salt products. Especially it is good to repair broken salt lamps.
This cartridge has 300ml salt adhesive which becomes useable with a glue gun for 30 salt bricks. You can use it to glue salt granules on the wall. We only provide salt adhesive, excluding glue gun. This cartridge weighs 0.86 pounds. To give ease to our customers we provide a FREE SHIPPING service for this unique and preferable salt adhesive.


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