5 Shocking Health Benefits Of Edible Pink Salt Edition

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Pink salt, also known as Himalayan salt, is found in the Punjab region of Pakistan. Edible Pink salt is mainly used for cooking, but it is also used for decoration pieces and spa treatments. The salt has a pinkish colour which gives it its name. 

Today’s topic of focus is edible pink salt and its benefits for one’s health. On the surface, pink salt and table salt are the same, but in reality, pink salt is healthier than table salt. Astonishingly, a comparison between table salt and Himalayan salt shows that Himalayan salt has eighty-four more minerals than rock salt. 

These minerals include notable names like calcium and potassium and other less-known ones like strontium and molybdenum. Strontium helps ease bone pain, whereas molybdenum protects your body from harmful substances. These are the health benefits of only two minerals I’ve talked about till now; imagine the health benefits of the other eighty-two left. However, eighty-two is a large number, so I’ll stick to four only. In this blog, I explain the five benefits of pink salt for your health and why you should make it a part of your daily dietary intake.

1. Helps Cure Respiratory Issues – No Need Going To The ENT Anymore 

Ever wonder why people keep Himalayan salt lamps in their rooms? It’s because Himalayan salt is a cure for respiratory diseases like Asthma and Sinusitis. Himalayan salt lamps release particles that travel from the air to your respiratory tract.

These particles reduce inflammation and clear the mucus from the respiratory tract, making breathing easier. Hence, you can throw your appointment with the ENT out of the window and say goodbye to those expensive antibiotics and decongestants. 

2. Improves The Digestive System – Say Goodbye To Bloating   

If you have the problem of constant bloating or have fewer bowel movements, pink salt therapy is just what you need. Pink salt helps in the production of digestive enzymes, which ease the digestion process. 

The digestive enzymes allow the digestive system to absorb essential food nutrients and also ease bowel movements. In the long- run, good digestion means better health and metabolism, which means better functioning. So, with this little therapy, you get the most out of food which is another step to a healthy and happy life. 

3. Keeps The Skin Healthy – No More Facewashes And Skin Care Routines 

Everyone wants healthy skin. Everyone wants to look and feel good and for that, they do a lot of “hocus – pocus” and go to unimaginable lengths to keep their skin healthy. People do things such as buying expensive facewashes, following beauty vloggers and binge-watching Youtube skin care routines. 

We don’t need to do all this when nature has the solution to all our problems, and Himalayan salt products solve our skin-care problems. The detoxifying and anti-bacterial properties of the salt blocks make them a great exfoliator, which helps purify the skin. 

The use of Himalayan salt blocks also improves blood flow, which boosts the production of collagen. Collagen makes the skin look healthier by reducing wrinkles and signs of ageing.  

4. Regulates Your Blood Pressure – Live Life To The Fullest  

Compared to normal salt, Himalayan salt has a lower sodium quantity, making it a better alternative to table salt. The low quantity of sodium in  Himalayan salt helps reduce blood pressure and protects from heart attacks and strokes.

Sodium makes the body hold water; more water in your blood vessels means more pressure on the heart while pumping. Hence, sodium causes blood pressure, which, in effect, causes heart attacks. Hence, you should use Himalayan salt rather than traditional table salt for cooking. 

One way to add Himalayan salt to your cooking is with the help of Himalayan salt block cooking. Salt cooking blocks add an essence of Himalayan salt to your cooking. They are durable and can cook up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. So use them and cook your favourite meals like steaks, barbeque and whatever you like. 

5. Improves Sleep Quality – Sleep Like A Baby And Rise Early

Another great benefit of Himalayan salt is its improvement to your sleep cycle. Himalayan salt is rich in Magnesium which helps your body begin its sleep cycle. Also, a salt lamp benefits your sleep by releasing negative ions. 

Lastly, the salt lamp also acts as an air purifier by absorbing dust particles; it keeps the air clean and the environment pure. A pure environment means less irritation, which helps with sleep.

Taking a salt bath is the best way to use Himalayan salt for sleep. Mix a half cup of Himalayan salt into the water and soak yourself in for 30 minutes. Add some lavender oil to improve the essence if you feel like it.   


Himalayan salt is one of nature’s greatest gifts, and Himalayan salt products are man’s greatest discovery. They have many health benefits still unexplored by us. The salt walls of the Punjab region are a big source of Himalayan salt. 

Himalayan salt can be used in many ways, either for cooking or decoration pieces; it has many benefits for health. It improves sleep, blood pressure, and skin health. Himalayan salt is a  low-cost medicine and a great alternative to table salt. 

Aside from dietary benefits, rock salt has many non-dietary benefits as well. If you are looking for a good supplier for Himalayan salt products, RSF trading is the place for you. This place has a good collection of Himalayan salt and salt-related products.

They have products like salt bricks and salt cooking blocks. So if you are looking for an abundant supply of Himalayan salt, this is the place for you. In the end, I’ll say that use Himalayan salt; it is a great item with numerous health benefits.    

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